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About Us

Welcome to the website of Andrew and Suzanne Edwards, writers who take their inspiration from the Mediterranean, particularly Sicily and Spain.  They enjoy sharing their passion for the books, food and language of these regions, having contributed articles to numerous publications in the fields of travel and literature. Their book, Sicily: A Literary Guide for Travellers, was published by I B Tauris in March 2014. (Robin Hanbury-Tenison in Country Life says: 'This is a Paddy Leigh Fermor sort of book, which relies on a constant stream of anecdotes and literary references to see places and buildings, landscapes and locals through many different eyes... Sicily has everything a traveller could desire. There are innumerable excellent guides to it, but this is the ideal travelling companion, with its unique interweaving of everything that has contributed to Sicily's profound influence on art, literature, history and philosophy.')  Andalucía: A Literary Guide for Travellers, commissioned by the same publishing house, was released in 2016. Max Long in The Times Literary Supplement had this to say: 'a thoughtful, thoroughly researched and remarkably well-balanced scholarly guide to the literary history of one of Spain's most eulogized regions.' They are also the authors of His Master's Reflection and Down to the Sunless Sea (SAP imprint of LUP), plus Ghosts of the Belle Époque: The History of the Grand Hotel et des Palmes, Palermo (Bloomsbury).

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