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Andrew and Suzanne were born in the UK, married in Austria and have lived/spent a great deal of time in Greece, Spain and Sicily. In addition to their education work, they are both freelance writers who love to share their passion for the culture, arts and letters of the Mediterranean, especially Sicily and Spain. Their articles have appeared in a wide variety of publications including hidden europe, Timeless TravelsItaly Magazine and The Florentine; some of which are accessible from the Articles & Links page. They are also involved in the Times of Sicily project created by Giovanni Morreale. They are authors of Sicily: A Literary Guide for Travellers and Andalucia: A Literary Guide for Travellers both published by I B Tauris, in addition to His Master's Reflection: Travels with John Polidori, Lord Byron's Doctor and Down to the Sunless Sea: A Troubled Samuel Taylor Coleridge in the Mediterranean (both the SAP imprint of LUP), plus Ghosts of the Belle Époque: The History of the Grand Hotel et des Palmes, Palermo (Tauris imprint of Bloomsbury).

Additionally, Andrew is a translator who enjoys nothing more than burying himself for hours in the intricacies of literary translation. He has translated two works by the Spanish journalist and author, Alejandro Luque – La defensa siciliana (The Sicilian Defence) and Viaje a la Sicilia con un guía ciego (Borges in Sicily: Journey with a Blind Guide). The Sicilian Defence is a Peak Publish title, Borges in Sicily was published by Haus in 2016. He has also translated two works in the 'Italian Crime Writers' series for Italica Press (Agony by Federico De Roberto and The Modern Sinner by Carolina Invernizio) plus various academic theses, as well as having written instructional articles on software for The Linguist Magazine. When not writing, he loves to listen to music, watch a good Italian movie or a bit of Nordic Noir. Red wine (chilled Sicilian style), sultry sunshine, a good read and the smell of rosemary – his idea of a well spent afternoon. He dabbles with digital art and can’t hang a picture straight.


Suzanne has taught EFL and is currently a dyslexia specialist. Her love of words was evident from a very early age, culminating in a Linguistics degree. Reading too many tales of foreign travel led her to imagine a life spent contemplating the waves on a sun-drenched beach, poetry book in hand – reality sometimes gets in the way. She shares Andrew’s idea of heaven, but would change the scent to orange blossom and the drink to a bold wine from the Etnean hillsides. When not writing, she enjoys giving reign to other forms of creativity; their Sicilian home is decorated with too many examples of her textile work.

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