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Writing Update

As the nights drawn in towards the autumn of 2015, we are happy to say that we're approaching the conclusion of our first draft of Andalucía: A Literary Guide for Travellers. Inevitably, it has made us think back to all the research trips over the last couple of years and the amount of ground we have covered in search of authors as diverse as Antonio Machado, Washington Irving and Maimonides. As with our Sicilian guide, we will be including over 100 writers, both locals and from a whole range of other countries and cultural traditions. We look forward to sharing more in the coming months.

Speaking of Sicily, we have also been out and about giving talks on the literature of the island, its history and multi-layered, fascinating complexities.

We post below a few shots from the summer research trip to Andalucía: clockwise, the olives of Jaén, Ronda, the cathedral in Baeza, the caves of Guadix and Antonio Machado forever seated in Baeza. Additionally, there is a montage of our recent talk on Sicily: A Literary Guide for Travellers in Crowborugh, East Sussex.

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