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Borges in Sicily - Book Release

Andy's translation of Borges in Sicily by Alejandro Luque released 16th October by  Haus Publishing.

In 1984, an aging Jorge Luis Borges, the Argentinean writer famed for his stories laden with intertextuality, philosophy, mirrors and labyrinths, visited Sicily. The elderly author was by now blind and had been garlanded with some of the world’s most prestigious literary honours including The Formentor Prize and The Cervantes Prize, not to mention the French Légion d’honneur and the award of Commendatore from the Italian government. The Bagheria-born Magnum agency photographer, Ferdinando Scianna, accompanied Borges and his soon to be wife, María Kodama, on a trip around the island. He captured the writer in various Sicilian locations from the Villa Palagonia of his hometown to Selinunte and Palermo, reproducing the images in a small volume simply entitled Jorge Luis Borges released by the publisher, Sciardelli and subsequently by FNAC Gala. 

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