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Rome and Emilia Romagna

The covers are from Bradt’s Emilia-Romagna, edition 1, and the Book Lover’s Guide to Paris.

Our two latest projects have been keeping us busy over the last few months and will do well into 2024. We have been commissioned to write a Book Lover’s Guide to Rome, which will start with the Classical period and move through the Renaissance to the Grand Tour, Risorgimento, World War, and Neo-Realist period, not to mention chapters on Rome today, literary cafes and Roman Noir (or in this case Giallo). Each chapter will feature plenty of images and specific reference to literary locations, whether related to authors’ lives or characters in their books.

We’ve also been travelling the length and breadth of Emilia Romagna, updating the fascinating Bradt Guide to that region. Our last trip was to the under-rated and often forgotten, Piacenza, and next up we will be revisiting one of our favourites, Ferrara. There will be plenty of food, art and architecture in the guide, plus some newly opened discoveries and hidden gems, along with all the essentials and much more for Bologna, Modena, Parma, Piacenza, Ravenna, Reggio Emilia, Rimini, San Marino and many other locations, big and small. We are particularly looking forward to the opening of the Byron Museum in Ravenna and getting lost in Fontanellato, exploring the world’s largest maze built, appropriately enough, by Jorge Luis Borges’ Italian publisher Franco Maria Ricci.


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